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Title: Cubic Cube
Production year:Year:2012
Solvent ink on acrylic bar
Width(mm):500(Cube) / 460(Structure)
Depth(mm):500(Cube) / 760(Structure)
Height(mm):500(Cube) / 1200(Structure)

ヴェルナー・ヘルツォーク監督のドキュメンタリー映画「世界最古の洞窟壁画 3D 忘れられた夢の記憶」を見て以来、3Dが面白いと思うようになった。昨今の3D表現の方式からすると古くさいかもしれないが、アナグリフという方式を用いると簡単に一枚の絵に奥行きを持たせることができる。アナグリフとは誰もが一度は目にしたことがあるであろう、赤と青のメガネを使った3Dの表現技法のひとつである。

Having watched “Cave of Forgotten Dreams,” a 3-D documentary film by director Werner Herzog, I found myself interested in 3-D technology. Although out-fashioned compared with present day 3-D technologies, anaglyph is a handy way to give depth perception. Perhaps, everyone has seen anaglyph grasses with red and blue lenses. Our visual perception entails a slight gap between both eyes (called “parallax”). We are usually not aware of it, and even if we consciously bear it in our mind, it will not cause duplicated images. Our brain is capable of calculating the slight gap between two images in order to work out depth with a high accuracy. Therefore, we can replicate 3-D experience on a two dimensional image by separating the image on two eyes through red and blue filters, which are combined again in the brain.
The “depth perception on the two- dimensional image” inspired me to conceive an idea to create “a somewhat new perception on the three-dimensional object.” The idea developed into application 3-D viewing to the three dimensional object and was embodied as anaglyph sculptures. The sculpture can be seen from any angles and changes its appearance with different perspectives. Viewing a sculpture involves motion and is a time-related experience.
A question arises here. Can 3-D viewing on the three-dimensional object allow us to see the four dimensional object?

High-resolution images

Title DownloadDL PhotographerPhoto Courtesy
Cubic Cube (Cube) Fig.1303 Keizo Kioku Kurumaya Museum of Art
Cubic Cube (Cube) Fig.1304 Keizo Kioku Kurumaya Museum of Art
Cubic Cube (Structure) Fig.1128 Keizo Kioku Kurumaya Museum of Art
Cubic Cube (Structure) Fig.1305 Keizo Kioku Kurumaya Museum of Art

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